Monday, November 12, 2012

An Amazing Photographer, Yummy Cakes, and a Super Happy 1st Birthday!

So the title might be a little long, but today we have a lot to share with you! You may have seen some of our pictures up on our Facebook page from our amazing new photographer Stephanie of Caught Fire Photography. She is simply amazing and GREAT with kids! My little lady Cailynn had her first birthday on October 18th and Stephanie captured some beautiful birthday photos including a very un-messy cake smash shoot! Cailynn was no easy subject to shoot for her first birthday, sadly. My hubby had to run some errands and Miss C was not interested in smiling for the camera, without Daddy there to entertain her but Stephanie did everything she could think of to get some great shots of my little girl for her 1st birthday.

Would you believe that I myself created the decorations for Cailynn's birthday?! YEP! I did! I had a little help from who supplied the hippo image, a great friend Jen who helped cut everything out using her Silhouette Cameo {I'm absolutely dying over the capabilities of this machine!} and Pink Hippo Boutique who created Cailynn's birthday invitations because I'm just not graphically inclined. We took the image of the hippo from clip art of {see the comparison photo below for why this hippo HAD to be the theme for Miss C} and traced it out on the computer then then Silhouette cut it out! Using some scrapbook paper from Michael's, we layered scalloped circles and straight edge circles then put the chubby little hippos on top. There are so many different options with this machine, I only wish I had one of my own to explore them all!

As always, we are loyal to Kake Korner in Laurel {where we are based} and they came through for us just like they always do! The adorable Number 1 cake was airbrushed with the adorable little hippo from our theme and tasted beyond amazing. Let's just say there were NO left overs! Diane from Kake Korner is super sweet and the ladies she works with are some of the most talented pastry chefs I have ever had the pleasure of working with. We were provided a small Number 1 cake for the cake smash photo shoot with Caught Fire Photography as well as a large Number 1 cake for the day of the party. The cake was embellished with an adorable cake topper, handmade by Carly of Hand Crafted Critters by Carly. She was more than willing to work with us on a custom design specifically for our occasion and I was completely in love. I think I went a little Hippo overboard LOL!

Little Miss C is wearing an ensemble that was put together by two different companies and these ladies were more than accommodating! I initially contacted Jen from KRose Kreations to make our Hippo onesie for Cailynn's 1st birthday and was going to make a tutu {yep I learned how to make those too!} but when browsing Etsy, I came across Custom Cutees and OMG I fell in love with these ruffle bloomers with matching hair bow. I immediately messaged the shop owner {also a Jennifer} and requested a custom design to match our theme. I did not know that Custom Cutees also offers onesies but being that I had already ordered one from Jen, I linked the two ladies up and they collaborated to make sure the entire outfit matched perfectly. I could not thank either of these ladies enough!

Cailynn's 1st birthday was absolutely magical from a mommy's point of view. I am more than grateful to the many ladies who contributed and want to say a HUGE thanks:

and my good friend Jen Ches for her amazing crafting abilities and taking time out of her busy schedule to help me create these unique decorations for my little princess!

In this gorgeous photo by Caught Fire Photography, Cailynn is wearing her Little Giraffe jeans and a gorgeous hair accessory from Winter Scarlett.

I absolutely LOVE this photo of Cailynn in her lace petti romper and oversized flower headband by Banner Boutique. Seriously, could she be any cuter?!

Check out Caught Fire Photography, KRose Kreations, Kake Korner, Custom Cutees, Little Giraffe, Winter Scarlett, and Banner Boutique on Facebook to learn more about why we love them all soooo much! I wish I could share even more photos with you but there are just too many to choose from!!

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween!!

Happy Halloween to all of our lovely readers! 

Check out the adorable Halloween set up we have going on here at the office thanks to Target and Midori Ribbon

Check out the Midori website for their Holiday and custom ribbon selection. Your holiday guests will be super impressed when your home is beautifully decorated and their gifts are extra personalized with beautiful custom ribbons from Midori Ribbon. Anything from adding a special touch to party favors {as seen in our photos of our Halloween goodie bags} to decorating your holiday table . 

Be sure to "LIKE" Midori on Facebook and follow on twitter for all their latest designs!

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Medela Calma Review + Giveaway!

Breast is best...right? Well that may be true but breast feeding may not be an option or the right option for everyone. Whether you are able to breast feed or not most babies end up having to take a bottle at one point or another. Often times mom has to go back to work, wants to have dinner with friends, or is just not feeling well, and someone else will have to take a turn to feed baby. In some cases it is simply because baby can't latch properly {as it was in my case with my youngest}, isn't gaining enough weight or one of the {what seems like} millions of reasons that you end up giving your baby a bottle. If and when that time comes, do you know what bottle you will use? We do! Calma, by Medela, is our go-to bottle of choice! 

Technically Calma is just the nipple but the Calma system is most often purchased with a Medela breast milk bottle included. Calma was created strictly for use with breast milk to imitate the breast, for the most natural feeding experience your baby can get other than breast feeding. The three part system makes this bottle great for switching back and forth between breast and bottle but also wonderful for breast milk - bottle fed only babies as well. Calma was developed to allow your baby to suck at their own pace and pause when needed without being flooded by milk {like most of the other bottles on the market today}. The shape of the nipple is similar to the breast which helps with babies who are normally breast fed to avoid the dreaded nipple confusion. The best part of the bottle is that this nipple DOES NOT LEAK... at all! Milk only comes out when your baby sucks! Say good-bye to wasting any of that "liquid gold" you worked so hard to get.

Another great feature is that all of the parts are interchangeable with other Medela products. Calma, by Medela will fit on the Medela breast milk storage bottles! No more pumping, and pouring from one bottle to the other just to feed your baby. If you are feeding your baby breast milk out of a bottle the Calma, by Medela is the bottle you want to give your baby! Calma is specially designed to prevent gas and other upset stomach issues within your baby. Many bottles claim they prevent gas or spit up or this and that, but Calma is the closest match to the breast which means it is the best option for when your baby must take a bottle instead of the breast. 

To find out more about Calma, click here to visit the Medela website. Be sure to "LIKE" the Medela Facebook page and follow Medela on Twitter for all of the most current information about their amazing products such as Calma. 

Want to win your own Calma kit to try with your little babe? READ ON!

Friday, October 26, 2012

Linens You'll Love & A Giveaway to Win Them!

Brought to you by Debbie Watts

If you're looking for the most current styles for your home, look no further. Hen House Linens has the hottest patterns and fabrics available in pillows, table runners, dinner napkins, cocktail napkins, and the list just goes on. This brand is going to be your absolute favorite when it comes to dressing your home!

Table Runner  - $22.00

Hen House Linens is run by a team of friends who know just what it takes to create the perfect look for your home. A comfortable, relaxing atmosphere for every day or for entertaining guests. The company was started by Jenny Davids who really has a knack for knowing what your home needs to give it the warm inviting look that keeps your friends and family coming back! No matter the need Hen House Linens has a wide variety of patterns, colors, and even types of products, to please everyone. With affordable items that are easy to wash, Hen House Linens are perfect for any occasion. Whether it's dinner on a quiet night with your immediate family, or a gathering at your home, Hen House Linens will be the something extra you were looking for!

Throw Pillows + Cover from $22.00

If you have been looking for new ways to dress up your home or are planning a gathering for family and friends be sure to head over to Hen House Linens and pick up all of the items you have been searching for but never knew where to look!

Placemat $9.00 & Dinner Napkins $9.00

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Don't forget to follow Hen House Linens are all of their social media sites as well! Hen House Linens is on Facebook, twitter, and Pinterest

Read on to find out how YOU can WIN a set of cocktail napkins from Hen House Linens!

Thursday, October 25, 2012

A Pumpkin Pedi

With Halloween less than a week away I was in a festive spirit this morning at the salon. My hair dresser Melindy {Owner of the salon Hairapy by Melindy} indulged my SPOOK-tacular spirit and gave my toes the pumpkin special!!! China Glaze Hawaiian Punch was the perfect pumpkin orange. Hurry on over to your nail salon to get your Pumpkin Pedi!

A Master Bedroom Make Over

Brought to you by Debbie Watts

This is just part one of this makeover. We began in a small master bedroom. When I say small...I mean pretty tiny compared to what most would call a "master bedroom". At only 12' x 10' plus two 3'x2' closets, this bedroom has oddly positioned windows, a small cut out in the wall between the his and hers mini closets, and is in serious need of some paint, new baseboards, new flooring, and everything else you might find in a master bedroom!

We decided to gut the room and get started on this DIY! First up - rid the small bedroom of oversized furniture. Having a Queen bed is one thing, but having a massive Queen sleigh bed is another. When you're working with a small room you need to have furniture that can be pushed as flat against a wall as possible. Also consider the possibility of turning some furniture diagonal. We will get to that part later though. So we have removed all of the furniture. Next, we noticed that there is some pretty good looking hardwood floor in the closets so we thought we would see how the floors looked beneath the carpet. Boy were we in for some work!

The previous owner(s) of this house at some point must have replaced the carpet and had trouble lifting all of the pre-existing carpet padding. Lucky us to discover this - not. As we were removing the carpet, we came across a blue padding underneath which came up nice and easy. However, pieced together in a small portion of the room was a yellow & red carpet padding that seemed to have somehow adhered to the wood floor! With much grumbling and groaning, we googled, asked friends, and finally got to work. For hours we scrubbed and scraped and did everything we could to remove the stuck-on padding. Finally! We were able to lift all of the padding from the floor....but it left behind stains on the floor. OF COURSE! 

So far this is as far as we have gotten. The carpet + padding are all removed. Most staples are out of the floor and the room is empty. Next up - refinishing! All tips and ideas are welcome! Wish us luck!

Be sure to follow along for the progress on this DIY project to see how this room makeover turns out! "LIKE" our Facebook page and follow on twitter for play by play updates as we continue to gut and re-do this room!

If you are interested in having your product or brand featured in this DIY makeover please e mail us at We will gladly consider all offers and get back to you if you are selected as a fit!

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Throw A Halloween Party!

Brought to you by Leslie Newton 

Halloween is approaching and as we all know, it’s a time when our little ones get to trick-or-treat for so many sweets.  As much as I don’t love my daughter eating a ton of candy, I do let her enjoy her Halloween candy (within reason of course) because well, let’s face it, that’s part of being a kid!  However I also like to balance all that sugar with some fun, non-sugary treats as well.  This year we are throwing an intimate Halloween party for my little 4 year old and these are some of the ghoulish treats we will be serving.  They are so cute and make a great way to celebrate!
  • Ghost Pizza – kids love pizza and what better then to cover it with ghosts!  

  • Night of the Living Bread – I love these little sandwiches.  They are so creative and will be fun for the kids to eat!  (Not to mention grown-ups!!)

  • Cheese Finger Food – these look so creepy to me, and so easy to make!  The creepier, the better, I say!

  • Edible Eye Balls – my daughter and her friends love carrots so much, so I thought these made for the perfect Halloween Treat!  I might change the olive to a raisin, as my daughter is not big on olives!

  • Apple Bites – these are adorable and so easy to make!  

There are so many more delicious, fun ideas like this out there! Pinterest is a great place to find them.  I hope you and your family have a Happy (and somewhat healthy) Halloween!
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