Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Spoil Your Babe with Pognae USA!

Pognae USA makes an awesome line of soft baby carriers that allow your little babe to snuggle right up to you while you're out and about! Available in 8 different designs, the Pognae Baby Carrier fit babies up to 36 months or 45lbs and also fits an infant insert {sold separately} to better cuddle your newer, smaller baby when you're just starting out. With these unique features, you can't go wrong with with Pognae USA!

 Rachel Florio of Rachel Florio PR put us in touch with Kathleen from Pognae USA and we have an interview to share with you our readers! 

{Tell us a little bit about yourself and Pognae USA.}

My name is Kathleen Dumlao Lee and I'm one of the founders of Pognae USA.  We had so many friends that had babies or babies on the horizon and the search for the perfect carrier was truthfully really tough.  Either they were too complicated, not cute, or just way too expensive.  A good friend of mine brought the Pognae carrier from Korea as a gift, and we all fell in love with it.  My husband and I decided that the US was missing out by not having this, so we, along with some partners, worked on getting it here.  We launched in September of 2011 and it has been so exciting!

{What inspired the name?}

The product name in Korea is Pognae - which means security, warmth and comfort.  We truthfully toyed with rebranding with a different name here in the US, but the the meaning behind it was exactly what we felt when we saw and used the carrier. 

{What do you feel makes the Pognae baby carrier different from similar ones on the market?}

The baby carrier stands out in two main ways, style & comfort!  We offer 8 styles for parents to choose from, which allows everyone to express their personal style, from solid colors to military print!  Our design also has padded straps and an ergonomically fit belt, for the mommy's comfort and a mesh cooling vent to cool your baby down while being in the carrier!

{Do you plan on expanding the brand and offering more products?} 

Right now, we are focusing on bringing more styles/colors and an updated design to the US.  Make sure to check out our newest Elephant style - it's super cute!!

{Any new projects your working on...or, what's up next?}

We have so many ideas on what to do next!! During our launch, my husband, Matt, and I found out that we are expecting!  We are just finishing up our first trimester, so in addition to pushing Pognae forward in 2012, we will be expecting our first little one :).  My guess is that s/he will bring a lot of inspiration for our next project. 


We LOVE the Pognae Carrier and know that you will too so visit their website to buy yours today! 

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